Conley-2005 Welcome-2 Conley Cabin Scan  1
Sketch of Vining Tract area
Conley Cabin Scan  2
Detail of Devil's Graveyard area
Conley Topo
Jim's 2005 topo map
Conley Cabin area (2012)
2012 updated map
IMG 0338
After having spun out during an attempt to ascend the very icy Goose Pond Road on Thursday afternoon,
Jonathan retreated to the Pottery store at the bottom of the hill where we parked the Jeep

We also managed to catch Steve as he arrived before he could suffer the same fate.
Here, we all make the mile-long ascent up the road to Conley Cabin on foot.
Soon after our arival, we quickly discovered that the key provided by the PATC
did not fit the lock. Luckily, Steve was able to gain access through an unsecured window.
The girls look on as we break into the cabin
IMG 0341
After a chilly Thursday evening, we greet the sunrise on Friday morning
The spectaular morning view from our front yard
IMG 0346
The eastern-facing side of Conley Cabin
The sun warms the back porch
Steve starts the woodstove...
PICT0028 Jim prepares life-sustaining java
IMG 0348
Jon, Spirit and Maggie start the day
IMG 0349
View of cabin from the approach trail
The nearby privy stands at the ready
The door shows the staple scars of many past postings
The interior is... good enough
Reading material provided at no extra charge
An access point for local critters
IMG 0350
Ready to hike
We explore neighboring Morris Cabin (currently unoccupied)
IMG 0353
Morris Cabin's front yard
IMG 0354
The Morris Cabin tool shed
IMG 0355
Wood pile on porch
IMG 0357
The tool shed's questionable foundation
IMG 0360
A local trail marker offers a greeting
IMG 0363
Our next stop is Mutton Top Cabin
IMG 0365
Jon and Maggie explore the grounds
IMG 0366
The wonderful view from Mutton Top
IMG 0368
We hike the Perimeter Trail to the west of Mutton Top
IMG 0373
Cabin ruins near Morris
IMG 0370
Maggie enjoys the snow
IMG 0374
Jim likewise enjoys the warm sun
IMG 0375
Jon, Jim and Steve as Steve prepares to depart
IMG 0379
The girls supervise Jonathan's lunch
IMG 0384
Matt arrived Friday night after Steve's departure. Depite our phone warnings
not to attempt the drive up icy Goose Pond Road, he managed an ascent anyway.

Later, however, he becomes concerned about getting back down, so Matt tries this
descent back to the Pottery store parking lot where Jonathan and Steve had parked.
IMG 0385
Unfortunatley, Matt doesn't quite make it to the bottom of the hill and lands in this ditch
IMG 0387
Later, Jonathan and Matt back at the cabin following an aborted attempt
by a Stanardsville towing company to extract Matt's car from the ditch
IMG 0390
Winding down for the evening
IMG 0399
The crew prepares to depart
IMG 0400
Approaching Boxwood Cabin after leaving Conley at 12:15pm on Christmas Eve
IMG 0402
Descending Goose Pond Road is tricky, even during the day
IMG 0404
Matt surveys the problem as we wait for the tow truck
IMG 0406
Help arrives (again), this time equipped with sturdy tire chains front and rear
IMG 0412
The extraction process begins
IMG 0413
The view from the rear
IMG 0416
A quick conference with Matt...
IMG 0418
...finally results in a successful extraction. Here the towers remove
the tire chains at the bottom of Goose Pond Road, which is snow-free.
IMG 0419
After settling up with the towing folks, Matt enjoys a treat at the Stanardsville Dairy Queen
IMG 0421
Dogs (and Jonathan) like ice cream too...