Conley-2007-crop Welcome-2 IMG 0505
Arriving Friday afternoon in the rain
IMG 0512
Conley Cabin Saturday morning, after Jonathan and Jim
did a little bear watching in the front yard the night before
IMG 0513
Cook shelter
IMG 0517
Cabin and shelter
IMG 0521
Foggy valleys
IMG 0528
Foggy valleys 2
Foggy valleys 3
IMG 0531
Jon and friends start the day
IMG 0520
At the edge of the yard
Maggie and Spirit
Ready to hike
IMG 0534
Our first visit to neighboring Wineberry Cabin
IMG 0537
Boxwood Cabin just east of Conley
IMG 0538
Water source at Morris Cabin
IMG 0540
Navigating the family hike
IMG 0541
Kathy and Ellie at the Mutton Top Cabin
Maggie at Mutton Top
IMG 0544
The Willey's at the overlook rest stop
IMG 0548
The view from the overlook
IMG 0545
A bumber crop of stick bugs
IMG 0550
Portland Family Cemetery
IMG 0549
Grave markers made from cement bags
IMG 0553
Sunday visit to Wineberry Cabin
IMG 0554
Steve and Nicholas
IMG 0557
The necessary house...
IMG 0556
...complete with porcelin tile
IMG 0559
Kathy inspects the solar shower
IMG 0560
Adornment at Wineberry spring