Dolly Sods 11-08 Welcome-b IMG 1579

Monday morning following a very cold and windy night (site #4 at the Red Creek Campground)

IMG 1576

The temperature speaks for itself

IMG 1582

The AireFrame performed admirably in spite of the snow and wind

IMG 1578

A refuge from the wind

IMG 1583

Making coffee on the leeward side of the Jeep

IMG 1585

Happy to have survived the night...

IMG 1586

A backpacking pro

IMG 1590

Departing Bear Rocks at Dolly Sods about 9:30am

IMG 1592

At the Smoke Hole caverns. A tree removal project gone wrong.

IMG 1594

The building escaped with only a partially crushed gutter

IMG 1595

Monday afternoon at the Brandywine National Recreation Area campsite (#9)

IMG 1596

Surveying the possibilities

IMG 1598

Posing for a photo before a short hike

IMG 1599

A view of the reservoir at Brandywine

IMG 1600

Following a snack break

IMG 1605

Returning from a left fork hike on the Sawmill Loop Trail

IMG 1603

Shortly after having encountered a pair of West Virginia bow


IMG 1606

Wildlife soup kitchen

IMG 1607

Tuesday morning (Veterans Day) departure photo of the campsite

Dolly Sods 11-08-3