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The Leavitt Lake entrance to the Emigrant Wilderness is a 185 mile drive from San Mateo, much of it along California Highway 108.
A Jeep trail departs Hwy 108 about 4 miles east of the Sonora Pass. The Emigrant Wilderness area is shown here in blue.
Overview-1 Z-GE Overview
A 2013 Google Earth updated view
The northern half of the trip
The southern half of the trip
Trip elevation profile
Picked up the wilderness permit from the Pinecrest ranger station just after noon on Saturday, July 14th
DCP 0602
Arrived 1:00pm at the Sonora Pass on Highway 108 (crossing point for the Pacific Crest Trail)
DCP 0603
Starting up the 3-mile Jeep trail...
DCP 0604
...from the Highway 108 turnoff to Leavitt Lake
DCP 0606
The first of three creek crossings
DCP 0607
After navigating the challenging access road, arrived at Leavitt Lake (9,556 feet elevation) at 1:45pm
DCP 0608
The Jeep’s home for the next few days
DCP 0610
Underway at 2:30pm along the WWII mining road that crosses the Sierra Crest
DCP 0611
Pausing for a breather at 10,000 feet
DCP 0612
Leavitt Lake fades into the distance
DCP 0614
Approaching Leavitt Lake Pass, a view of Yosemite’s mountains to the south
DCP 0615
The Pacific Crest Trail joins the route for a short distance
DCP 0616
A long descent from Leavitt Lake Pass lies ahead
0 - Camp1
Made an early camp the first night at Kennedy Creek to acclimatize to the altitude
DCP 0627
Camp 1, which was buffeted by high winds throughout the night
DCP 0620
The setting sun creates a spectacular alpen glow on the mountains behind Camp 1
DCP 0623
A look at the trail ahead
DCP 0625
Shortly after sunset at Camp 1
Day 1
Day 1 trail notes
DCP 0628
Day 2 (Sunday) begins with a hearty oatmeal breakfast
DCP 0630
The winds finally subsided, yielding to a sunny day ahead
DCP 0633
Broke camp at 9:45am and resumed the climb towards Big Sam Pass, the highest point of the trip at 10,825 feet elevation
DCP 0634
The “U” shaped signature of a glacial valley to the north of the trail
DCP 0635
Once above the tree line, the terrain becomes quite stark
DCP 0636
Volcanic rock deposits enroute to the summit
DCP 0637
The trail ahead climbs in switchbacks towards the pass
DCP 0638
Two hikers descend from Big Sam Pass
DCP 0639
A first look at the Emigrant basin from near the summit
DCP 0641
Rock formations to the north
DCP 0646
Arnica somehow survives at the windswept pass
DCP 0647
Sawtooth Ridge dominates Yosemite’s skyline to the south
DCP 0648
Pausing at the Big Sam summit to enjoy the view
DCP 0650
Starting the descent towards High Emigrant Lake (leftmost lake below)
DCP 0651
The broad trail descends though a series of switchbacks
DCP 0652
Arnica flourishes on the sunny slopes
DCP 0654
Spectacular scotch broom
DCP 0656
Missing a flipper?
DCP 0657
Approaching the loop intersection near Grizzly Peak ahead
DCP 0658
A closer look at Grizzly Peak’s unusual mineral deposits
DCP 0659
Arriving at Grizzly Meadow 3:00pm Sunday afternoon
DCP 0661
Nearby Grizzly Peak Lake
DCP 0663
Pausing during a difficult ascent towards Snow and Bigelow Lakes
0 - Camp2
Little-visited Bigelow Lake serves as the site for Camp 2
Day 2
Day 2 trail notes
DCP 0665
Morning of Day 3 (Monday) at Bigelow Lake...the weather is cool and windy
DCP 0666
A check dam at the north end of the lake
DCP 0667
Bigelow Lake looking south
DCP 0669
On the trail at 9:35am. This sign points the way to several local destinations from Black Bear Lake.
DCP 0672
Arriving at Horse Meadow following a steep descent from Black Bear Lake
DCP 0673
Looking northeast up Horse Meadow at 8,450 feet elevation
DCP 0675
The southwest end of Horse Meadow
DCP 0676
Fences restrain the cattle that sometimes graze in this meadow
DCP 0677
A primitive stock gate at the south end of the meadow
DCP 0678
Beginning a 3-mile descent to Huckleberry Lake from Horse Meadow following the East Fork of Cherry Creek
DCP 0680
Lupine, arnica and Indian paintbrush cover the trailside
DCP 0681
Wild daisies and paintbrush also flourish
DCP 0683
The spectacular colors glow in the morning sun
DCP 0684
Taking a break while searching for the difficult-to-find trail connector at Huckleberry Lake
DCP 0685
A view of Huckleberry Lake looking north
DCP 0686
A beautiful lily pond at Huckleberry Lake
DCP 0688
Following a good bit of cross-country navigating, the critical trail intersection is finally located
0 - Camp3
After a difficult ascent up a poorly maintained trail, Camp 3 is made near Letora Lake
DCP 0691
The tent is situated next to a towering Ponderosa Pine
DCP 0692
Looking east from camp towards an unnamed lake near Letora Lake
Day 3
Day 3 trail notes
DCP 0693
Awoke on Day 4 (Tuesday) with a severe eye irritaion, probably caused by wind and the high altitude UV.
Shortly after departing camp at 8:45am, noted this sign pointing the way back to Huckelberry Lake. Rough trail? Oh yes...
DCP 0696
Following a 600 foot ascent from Cow Meadow Lake, reached Lower Buck Lake at 11:30am
DCP 0702
Northern Buck Lake at 8,320 feet elevation
DCP 0705
Another stock gate near Buck Lakes
DCP 0706
Nearing Buck Meadow, north of the lakes
DCP 0712
Enjoying the spectacular scenery in Buck Meadow
DCP 0711
The trail heads for another climb... the peak ahead towers over Emigrant Lake
DCP 0714
After a long ascent, approached Emigrant Lake at 3:30pm from the west
DCP 0716
A first look at this very large lake while heading east
DCP 0715
Another view facing west
DCP 0718
Pausing for a moment at the southern end of the lake
DCP 0720
Unusual rock formations line the shore
DCP 0721
The very rocky trail continues along the shore
DCP 0727
Lupine provides the foreground for a look at a Half Dome-like rock face
DCP 0730
A closer look at “Half Dome 2”
0 - Camp4
Camp 4 is made 4:45pm at the northeast end of Emigrant Lake
DCP 0737
A large rock provides the tent shelter from the wind
DCP 0733
Filtering water for camp use
DCP 0734
The temperature is dropping quickly...
DCP 0736
...as the winds intensify
Day 4
Day 4 trail notes
DCP 0738
Day 5 (Wednesday) begins with sunshine and frost
DCP 0742
Starting the day with strong camp coffee…
DCP 0744
Airing the gear in the morning sun
DCP 0746
Underway again at 9:30am. This photo shows the intersection of the trail to Blackbird and Middle Emigrant Lakes.
DCP 0748
The trail at times is very challenging to follow
DCP 0750
Approaching Middle Emigrant Lake at 9,335 feet elevation
DCP 0752
Camp site used in another backpacking trip many years earlier (September, 1988)
DCP 0754
The reflective surface of backpacker’s umbrella provides protection from the high altitude UV
DCP 0755
Emigrant Meadow Lake at 9,407 feet elevation
DCP 0756
A backpacker’s most important equipment
DCP 0757
More trailside lupine enroute to Grizzly Meadow
DCP 0758
Arrived Grizzly Meadow Lake at 12:45pm
DCP 0760
Another view of Grizzly Meadow Lake at 9,616 feet elevation
DCP 0759
Approaching Grizzly Peak, this time from the west
DCP 0761
Making shade for a lunch break
DCP 0764
The loop is closed at Grizzly Peak
DCP 0770
A final look back, leaving Grizzly Peak behind
DCP 0765
Northbound again towards the famous Emigrant Pass
DCP 0767
Moss campion in full bloom near the pass
DCP 0771
Looking west back down onto Emigrant Meadow Lake
DCP 0773
Approaching High Emigrant Lake at 9,706 feet elevation
DCP 0774
This check dam provides an anchor for abundant flowers
DCP 0776
Another view of the dam
DCP 0777
Unusual rock formations at the north end of High Emigrant Lake
DCP 0778
Ascending once more to near the tree line
0 - Camp5
Camp 5 is made early (3:45pm) at High Emigrant Lake... not enough time in the day for the double pass crossing
DCP 0779
Camping in tundra-like terrain
DCP 0783
The tent must be well-secured since there is little shelter from the wind
DCP 0784
A water source is located conveniently nearby
Day 5
Day 5 trail notes
DCP 0785
The temperature drops during the night... the gear is mostly frozen Thursday morning
DCP 0786
Frosty tent fly
DCP 0789
The frozen grass begins to thaw as the sun rises over the mountains
DCP 0791
Camp 5's kitchen shows the bear canister that also serves as a handy stool
DCP 0793
The coffee making equipment is critical survival gear
DCP 0795
Departed High Emigrant Lake at 9:00am and began the ascent towards Big Sam Pass
DCP 0798
The trail is often very steep
DCP 0799
The cold wind is now blowing with gale force
DCP 0802
Finally reached Big Sam Pass 10:45am after a long climb to 10,825 feet elevation
DCP 0801
From the summit looking north
DCP 0803
From the summit looking west
DCP 0804
From the summit looking east
DCP 0805
From the summit looking south into Yosemite
DCP 0806
The switchbacks leading to the pass as seen from above
DCP 0809
The trail descends sharply only to re-ascend in the distance
DCP 0809-Trail
The trail route is shown here in red
DCP 0811
Even in late July, the snows continue to melt
DCP 0814
Just below the Big Sam summit, a substitute for the Sigaba flag…
DCP 0815
Kennedy Lake to the west
DCP 0816
The PCT breaks south into Kennedy Canyon
DCP 0817
Two backpackers enter the wilderness along with their canine companion
DCP 0818
The “U” shaped Kennedy Canyon
DCP 0819
The trail back to Leavitt Lake Pass is long and difficult
DCP 0820
A final view to the south
DCP 0821
Alternative routes up the mountain
DCP 0822
Finally reached Leavitt Lake Pass at 2:00pm
DCP 0823
The steep descent back to Leavitt Lake begins
DCP 0824
The lake comes closer into view
DCP 0826
Arrived back at the car 2:45pm. Time for a beer and a steak at Kennedy Meadows...
Day 6
Day 6 trail notes
DCP 0827
The first creek crossing on the rough road back to Highway 108
DCP 0828
Incredible vistas to the north and east
DCP 0829
Cattle roam freely on and near the road
DCP 0831
A final look back, just south of the Sonora Pass on Highway 108