Titles2 Titles-1 5-profile-all
This five day trip covered 24.7 miles with elevation gains and losses of over 11,900 feet
Our route for the trip
A 3-D view of the route
1a-jim at dam
Day1: Jim at O'Shaughnessy Dam
1b-jon at dam
Jon prepares to depart
1c-jon above dam taking photo
Jon stops for a photo above the dam
1d-leaving hetch hetchy
Leaving the Hetch Hetchy dam area
During the first day, we walked 5.4 miles and climbed about 2,750 feet
1e-fire at camp-1
Evening fire at Camp-1 which was located near Beehive Meadow on the trail to Vernon Lake
1f-morning at camp-1
Day 2: Morning coffee at Camp-1
1g-trail to vernon lake
The trail from Beehive to Vernon Lake
1h-arriving vernon lake
Arriving at Vernon Lake about 4:00pm
The Day 2 walk was about 4 miles long with limited climbing, but we were still adjusting to the altitude
1i-exhausted upon arrival
A rest before camp chores
1j-camp-2 at vernon lake
The mosquitoes were voracious at Camp-2, but the deet repellent worked well
1k-camp-2 vertical at vernon lake
Preparing dinner at Camp-2
1l-by tent at vernon lake
Day 3: Breaking camp
1m-jim holds tent at vernon lake
Awe-inspiring strength
1n-jon taking picture on bridge at falls creek
Departing Vernon Lake, Jon stops for a photo on the bridge over Falls Creek
1o-falls creek near vernon lake
Falls Creek below the bridge
1p-jon on trail above vernon lake
Jon on the trail from Vernon Lake to the Tiltill Valley
1q-leaving vernon lake area
A final look back as we begin the climb out of the Vernon Lake basin
1r-flowering plant above vernon lake
A flowering plant struggles to survive on the granite rock face
1s-rugged trail above vernon lake
The climb becomes steeper
1t-jon dons shirt
The temperature drops as we ascend
1u-jon tucks shirt
As do Jon's pants
1v-pausing in forest meadow
Pausing as we enter the forest
1w-jon filling water bottle
Jon fills his water bottle
1x-jon the gypsy wagon
Traveling like a gypsy wagon
1y-cresting ridge enroute to tiltill valley
Cresting the ridge at about 7,600 feet elevation enroute to the Tiltill Valley below
1z-jon pausing in forest during descent
Jon pausing in the forest during descent
2a-hiker collision on trail
Another unfortunate hiker collision on the trail
2b-sky view from trail
Sky view from the trail
2c-jim lying on trail
Has Jim expired?
2d-jim back on the move
Apparently not... back on the trail
2e-continuing descent towards tiltill valley
Continuing our descent
2f-first view of the valley
Our first look at Tiltill Valley below
2g-arriving in the valley
Arriving in the valley late afternoon
Day 3's walk was 6.6 miles long and involved about 3,200 feet of combined elevation gains and losses
Another look at our route
2h-jim polluting tiltill creek
Jim pollutes Tiltill Creek
2i-jon drying feet
A refreshing break after a day on the trail
2j-bottom of creek bed
The Tiltill Creek stream bed
2k-creekside vegetation
Creekside vegetation in the afternoon sunlight
2l-camp-3 morning of day 4
Day 4 begins at Camp-3
2m-coffee at camp-3
Coffee helps take the chill out of the morning air
2n-jon prepares to depart
Jon prepares to depart
2o-valley scene in morning
A morning view of the valley
2p-departing camp-3
Heading east through the valley
2q-jon enters lush undergrowth
Jon enters the lush undergrowth
2r-ferns abound
Early season ferns abound
2s-jon crosses the valley floor
Jon crosses the valley floor. The snow melt had just receeded to the point where this crossing was possible.
2t-vegetation obscures the trail
Thick vegetation obscures the trail
2u-sign at other side of the valley
Trail marker at the valley's center
2v-unnamed peak above valley
An unnamed peak looms ahead
2w-bog-like conditions
Encountering bog-like conditions
2x-lily pond near trail (vert)
A beautiful lily pond presents itself
2y-lily pond near trail (horiz)
Another view of the pond
2z-jon pauses near creek
Jon pauses near a creek
4b-large lizard
A large lizard suns itself
3a-jon crosses log bridge
Crossing a log bridge
3b-jon takes photo after rattlesnake encounter
Jon pauses for a photo after surviving a rattlesnake encounter
4c-jim with branch
Jim inspects a curious wooden formation
A patch of forget-me-nots
4e-trail marker
Trail intersection
4f-tiny yellow follows on rocks
Tiny yellow flowers flourish atop the granite
4g-fish jaw rock
Fish-jaw rock
3c-arriving at rancheria creek
Arriving at Rancheria Creek
3d-upstream from crossing point
Upstream from our crossing point
We had traveled only 3 miles from Camp-3 but had descended 1,325 feet
3g-jim pumps more water
Jim filters camp water
3f-bear enters camp
A bear enters camp as we pop corn
3e-bear bag over creek
Our food is bear-bagged above the creek for the night
3k-rancheria creek in morning (horiz)
Day 5 breaks as sunlight illuminates Rancheria Falls
3l-rancheria creek in morning (vert)
Another view of the sun-struck falls
3h-coffee day-5 at camp-4
Our collective strength returns with strong camp coffee
3i-tent at camp-4
Our home at Camp-4
3j-kitchen at camp-4
Camp kitchen
3m-departing rancheria creek
The view above Rancheria Falls as we depart
3n-jon above rancheria creek
Jon pauses above the creek
4a-ponderosa pine
A Ponderosa pine towers overhead
3o-bridger over tiltill creek gorge
The bridge over the Tiltill Creek gorge
3p-first view of twin falls
Our first view of the twin falls near the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
3q-bottom of wapama falls
Wapama Falls
3r-bottom of tueeulalafalls
Bottom of Tueeulala Falls
3s-view of kolana rock near hetch hetchy
A view of Kolana Rock above the reservoir
3t-jon at dam tunnel
Jon at the tunnel near the dam
3u-view of dam spillway
A view of the spillway below the O'Shaughnessy Dam
The Day 5 walk was about 6 miles long with lots of ups and downs
A final look at our route
3v-back at car
The end of a great trip