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Overview map of the area
IMG 0688
Jonathan and Jim arrive at the parking area about 4:45pm on Friday
IMG 0689
Maggie's ready to hike
IMG 0692
Fast forward to a chilly (35°F) Saturday morning... the Michelin Man with life-sustaining java
IMG 0693
Jon and Maggie start the day
IMG 0695
The rising sun illuminates the cabin's interior
IMG 0697
John's Rest Cabin as viewed from near the approach trail
IMG 0700
North side of the cabin
IMG 0708
Nearby storage shed
IMG 0712
Path to the necessary house
IMG 0704
Our first double-door privy
IMG 0705
Spacious interior
IMG 0707
New privy technology
IMG 0709
Another view of the cabin's north side
IMG 0714
Jon and Maggie finish breakfast
IMG 0715
A loving couple
IMG 0716
Jon and Jim begin hiking along Entry Run about 11:00am
IMG 0718
On the trail above the cabin
IMG 0719
A flood-control pond near the end of the trail
IMG 0720
On the road to the PATC's Rosser Lamb House
IMG 0722
Rear view of the house, still under renovation
IMG 0726
Front view
IMG 0724
A peek through the window at the new sink
IMG 0725
And more of the kitchen...
IMG 0729
We picked up the blue-blazed trail near the Lamb house... a cemetery near the trail
IMG 0732
Lucy Alexander: Born 1881, died 1903
IMG 0734
Jon attempts to communicate with the cabin via radio
IMG 0736
Steve and Nicholas arrive about 1:15pm
IMG 0738
Kathy, Patti and Pat arrive about an hour later and have lunch at the cabin
IMG 0739b
No shortage of food
Most of the group then hikes the same loop (shown in yellow) completed earlier by Jon and Jim
The loop is 2.6 miles long and involves 2,200 feet of steep elevation gains and losses
IMG 0743
Back at the cabin after a great dinner that included Patti's ham and bean soup
IMG 0744
A boy and his dog
IMG 0746
Rinsing the breakfast dishes Sunday morning
IMG 0750
Gathering gear as we prepare to depart
IMG 0752
Nicholas joins the picture
IMG 0754
As does Jim. After leaving the cabin, we explored an unnamed road near the parking area before driving home.