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Skyline Drive is closed, so we must hike to the cabin from the bottom of the mountain. Nicholas prepares to depart.

IMG 1624

Our parking area also serves those who hike the Little Devils Stairs Trail

IMG 1626

Ready to assault the mountain. The time is 3:00pm EST and the temperature is about 28°F.


The yellow dashed line shows our route to (and from) the cabin. The hike in took just under 4 hours.


This elevation profile shows a route distance of 6.2 miles with total elevation gains of over 2,000 feet (net ~1,700 feet)

IMG 1631

About a mile from the parking area, Steve, Nicholas and Maggie inspect the Bolen family cemetery

IMG 1633

Reaching the snow line late in the day (~2,500 feet elevation)

IMG 1634

Steve and Nicholas pause on the Pole Bridge Link Trail. A full moon rises behind them.

IMG 1638

Jon and friends cross the Piney River in the dark

IMG 1640

After arriving at the cabin about 7:00pm, we quickly noriced a visitor

IMG 1643

Nicholas adjusts his headlamp to get a better look at Mickey

IMG 1647

The long cold hike has done in the dogs

IMG 1653

Saturday morning as Steve and Nicholas prepare to depart

IMG 1657

Steve and Nicholas take to the trail at 1:15pm. It takes them only 2 hours, 45 minutes to reach the parking area.

IMG 1659

The four of us are left behind to enjoy a second night at the cabin

IMG 1662

Inspecting the Riteway wood burning stove

IMG 1664

Cabin interior (left side)

IMG 1665

Cabin interior (right side)

IMG 1667

A robust spring serves as the cabin's water supply

IMG 1670

The spring is situated less than 100 yards from the cabin

IMG 1674

Spirit and Maggie guard the cabin late Saturday afternoon

IMG 1675

Our visitor expired sometime on Saturday from causes unknown. Jon transports Mickey using the cabin's vintage mouse gloves.

IMG 1677

Replenishing the wood supply. The temperature Friday night dipped to 13°F, which lead to a lot of fuel usage.

IMG 1678

Jim completes the task

IMG 1680

Saturday night. A boy and his dog.

IMG 1681

Spirit buries herself in a blanket at the foot of the sleeping bag

IMG 1682

Sunday morning after breakfast and camp chores. Spirit and maggie are ready to hike.

IMG 1689

Buttoning up the cabin

IMG 1691

Jim prepares to depart

IMG 1693

On the trail at 11:45am

IMG 1697

Crossing the Piney River is much easier during the day

IMG 1699

A Piney River feeder creek

IMG 1700

Taking a break at the Fourway intersection

IMG 1706

Preparing peanut butter and jelly bagels

IMG 1707

On the home stretch of Kaiser Run Road

IMG 1709

End-of-trail photo 3:15pm

The End