Title-new Welcome IMG 0562
Pat and Patti shortly after arrival on Sunday
IMG 0565
The resort is blanketed by an Autumn snowfall
IMG 0566 Full
Pat and Patti on the Appalachian Trail
Patti, Pat and Jim take a short hike
on the AT before Kathy arrives.

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IMG 0568
The view west from the AT, below the snow line
IMG 0569
Patti enjoys the view near Crescent Rock Overlook
IMG 0573
Unusual snow crystals
IMG 0576
A local inhabitant
IMG 0578
Kathy on the Hawksbill Mountain Trail
IMG 0581
Near the Hawksbill summit, elev 4,050'
IMG 0583
The view west from the Hawksbill summit
IMG 0584
Byrd's Nest #2 shelter near the summit
IMG 0586
Pat and Patti at the summit
IMG 0588
Kathy and Jim at Hawksbill
IMG 0589
Investigating the stone structure at the summit
IMG 0590
Maintenance truck needs maintenance
IMG 0592
Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
IMG 0594
Skyland dining room
IMG 0595
Kathy after Monday lunch
IMG 0596
Room #20
IMG 0599
Kathy at Stony Man trailhead
IMG 0600
Nearing the Stony Man summit (elev 4,010')
IMG 0601
View south from the summit
IMG 0602
The stones of Stony Man
IMG 0603
The view north
IMG 0604
The view west
IMG 0605
Kathy surveys the southern landscape
IMG 0607
In one day, the snow has completely departed
IMG 0609
Stoney Man summit as seen from the main resort building
IMG 0610
Jim at resort
IMG 0611
Kathy and Jim prepare to depart