Title-0 Welcome-b IMG 0624
Jonathan and friends
IMG 0626
Sean, Donna and Marty relax
IMG 0627D
Caitlin creates an artistic masterpiece
IMG 0629D
...while Cody dines
IMG 0630
Chris checking photos
IMG 0631D
Jonathan, Caitlin and Maggie
IMG 0633D
Sean joins the group
IMG 0635
Ellie completes the meal
IMG 0634
Gloria and Cindy sample the hors de oeuvres
IMG 0636
Transferring the turkey
IMG 0637
Hosts Jonathan and Ellie
IMG 0638
Ellie prepares the table
IMG 0639
The table is complete
IMG 0640
Dinner is served
IMG 0644
Treats for Spirit...
IMG 0646
...and Maggie too
IMG 0647
Chris with Sean
IMG 0648
A big smile from Sean
IMG 0649
Spirit's ready for bed