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Hiker supply boxes awaiting pickup at Mount Rogers Outfitters
In 1955, Emma "Grandma" Gatewood, at the age of 67 and wearing Keds sneakers, was the first woman to through-hike the Appalachian Trail. She hiked the AT again in 1960 and then again at age 75 in 1963, making her the first person to hike the trail three times.
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The Emma Gatewood display at Mount Rogers Outfitters includes a pair of her Keds sneakers
In 1951, Gene Espy became the second man to through-hike the Appalachian Trail (the first was Earl Shaffer in 1948)
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Gene Espy at the Mount Rogers Outfitters store on Friday
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Viewing a slide presentation “The Last 180 Miles of AT in Maine” by Roger Peake at the Damacus Youth Center
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The Old Mill Restaurant and Conference Center on Laurel Creek had just recently closed
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Breakfast Saturday morning
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A view of the main Tent City
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A small vendor area near Tent City
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Jon observes a girls' Little League game north of Tent City
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The old Rock School
IMG 1783
The main vendor area
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Nearby family amusements
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Entertainers at "The Gazebo"
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A smaller Tent City on the grounds of a hostel called "the Place"
IMG 1786
More tents near another hostel next to Laurel Creek
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The Saturday parade forms near Sundog Outfitters
IMG 1790
Gene Espy leads the parade
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Near the start of a 6-mile Saturday hike on the Appalachian and Iron Mountain Trails
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A view from a spot called "The Cuckoo" on the AT
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Free hiker showers at the First Baptist Church
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Useless equipment competition on Saturday night (man displays a duct tape condom)
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Heavy rain began Saturday evening and continued into Sunday morning
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Our tent site south of the main "City"
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Homebound Sunday on Interstate 81