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Tulip Tree Cabin, just after noon on Saturday
After all arrived on Saturday, we took a vigorous hike
from the cabin up the mountain to and from Skyline Drive (blue line on map)
The hike was 6.6 miles long (round trip) and involved almost 4,000 feet
of elevation gains and losses. The elevation profile above shows the one-way statistics.
3-D path
This 3-D view shows our path up Crusher Ridge to Skyline Drive
IMG 0087
We began our hike at 3:45pm and reached the Hughes River Gap overlook about 5:30pm
IMG 0090
Jon and Kathy inspect a small black snake below
IMG 0092
Steve and Nicholas have a look
IMG 0095
After a snack, we prepare to hike back down the mountain
IMG 0097
Maggie guards the cabin on Sunday morning
IMG 0098
Cabin fireplace
Our dining room table
IMG 0099
Kathy tidies up
IMG 0100
The loft provides an extra bedroom
IMG 0101
A pair of queen-sized beds in the loft
Another view of the sleeping areas
IMG 0102
View from the loft
The kitchen counter
A wood burning stove, the cabin's primary heat source
IMG 0103
Photo of the cabin rear shows the back porch
IMG 0104
The spring is situated about 100 yards from the cabin
IMG 0106
But alas, the spring was dry...
IMG 0107
Tool shed on the cabin grounds
IMG 0108
Cook shelter, just a few yards from the cabin
IMG 0109
Cook shelter interior
A closer look at the barbeque pit
IMG 0110
A safe place for hot ashes
IMG 0114
Marking the path to the privy
IMG 0112
The necessary house
IMG 0116
Jon performs a few chores around the cabin
IMG 0118-2
Steve, Nicholas, Jim, Kathy, Maggie and Jon prepare to depart
IMG 0120
Nicholas with Maggie
IMG 0122
We stop for treats in Sperryville at "Burgers N' Things"
IMG 0123
A bit of local color
IMG 0124
In addition to the usual fare, B n' T offers bison burgers and hot dogs
IMG 0126
Water-filled Ziplocs are said to keep the flies at bay