Z-Title-Corel Welcome-b Map-1

This map shows the Wineberry Cabin and its surroundings


A 3-D view of the Wineberry Cabin and the Goose Pond approach road

IMG 1903

After a cautious climb up an icy Goose Pond Road, we reach the parking area at 2:30pm

IMG 1905

It's cold and very windy as we unload the gear

IMG 1908

Spirit saddles up...

IMG 1921

Our first view of the cabin includes a freshly killed deer in the front yard

IMG 1914

The cabin's interior is bright and cheery

IMG 1911

A view of the sleeping loft

Z-Stained glass windows

Beautiful stained glass windows as seen from the loft

IMG 1909

Kathy seems happy with her new home

IMG 1912

This rear view shows the cabin's back porch

IMG 1913

The rear door includes a mail slot and visitor viewer

IMG 1963

The back porch's ceiling

2007 0557

The nearby necessary house

IMG 1919

The privy is located about 100 yards from the cabin

2007 0556

Equipped with tile and other luxury features

IMG 1916

The adjacent solar shower


After exploring the neighborhood for a bit, preparations begin for the evening meal


After dinner, we all play the Firefighters Edition of Monopoly, a game that Nicholas wins handily

IMG 1959

DAY 2: Kathy and Jim's "bedroom" on the back porch. The first night was windy with an overnight low of 21�F.

Z-Steve in cabin

Steve enjoys breakfast by the window

Conley Cabin Scan #1

Following breakfast and cabin chores, we survey the map as we consider day hiking possibilities

IMG 1923

We set off at 12:15pm

IMG 1925

Steve and Nicholas on the CCC road

IMG 1927

Signs point the way to three of the Vining Tract cabins

IMG 1928

The old barn near Mutton Top Cabin

IMG 1930

We pause for lunch at a beautiful overlook near the CCC road

IMG 1933

Jim and Kathy enjoy the warming sun

IMG 1935

We are joined by two young hikers that are staying at the Morris Cabin and whose car became stuck on the Goose Pond Road

IMG 1936

Steve surveys the landscape as we prepare to depart

IMG 1937

Back on the CCC road, we discover the entrails of another deer

IMG 1945

We end our hike where Caddies Run crosses the CCC road

IMG 1948

Fresh ATV tracks

IMG 1951

Deer blood is visble over much of the road

IMG 1950

Kathy and Jim pause for a photo

IMG 1953

We return to the Goose Pond Road gate

Z-Hike path

The yellow line shows our out-and-back hiking route

Z-Hike profile

This profile shows a distance hiked of 3.5 miles, with total elevation gains and losses of about 1,900 feet


We return to the cabin with a fresh load of firewood about 3:15pm


Nicholas prepares for a rest in the loft


Maggie and Spirit quickly settle in


Jim likewise enjoys an afternoon respite


Steve and Nicholas are ready for dinner after a nap

IMG 1955

DAY 3: We rose at 8:30am. The overnight low was recorded to be 16.3�F at 7:00am.

IMG 1965

After breakfast, Kathy deflates her NeoAir sleeping mat

Z-Jim and Nicholas in cabin

Nicholas and Jim also make preparations to depart

Z-Jon in cabin

As do Jonathan and girls

IMG 1969

Before leaving, a group photo

IMG 1970

Steve and Nicholas lead the way out

IMG 1973

We managed to carry all of the gear to the cars in a single trip

IMG 1974

Waiting to load the gear

IMG 1978

Jonathan and Steve discuss a strategy for descending the very icy Goose Pond Road

IMG 1979

After a successful descent, we all stop in Stanardsville for lunch and treats

IMG 1981

A perfect ending to a great trip

IMG 1982

Nicholas readys himself for the drive home

The End