Title-new Welcome-2 Big Schloss Super Map 10-20-05-25
This NG Topo map shows an overview of the area
This updated map (2013) shows our route along the Mill Mountain Trail
Our brief trip covered 4.4 miles in each direction, with ~2,500 feet of elevation gains and losses
IMG 0375
We arrived at the Wolf Gap parking area at 2:45pm on Sunday, May 27th.
This photo was taken by another park visitor as we prepared to depart at 3:30pm
IMG 0376
We encountered a robust thunderstorm about ½ mile into hike
IMG 0380
There was plenty of lightning with the storm, which passed fairly quickly
IMG 0382
Kathy delights in the local flora after the rain stops
IMG 0381
The Spring vegetation is lush along the trail
IMG 0385
Kathy enroute to our destination at Sandstone Spring
IMG 0386
Ferns cover the higher elevations
IMG 0388
After a great night camped at the spring, Kathy enjoys a bit of morning coffee
IMG 0390
The AireFrame tent, as always, performed well
IMG 0392
We drew our water from the local spring
IMG 0394
Our Kelty Spectra packs sit at the ready
IMG 0395
A quick portrait as we start our day
IMG 0398
Kathy tries Jim's method for toasting bagels
IMG 0400
Our gear packed, we prepare to depart
IMG 0401
A warm Memorial Day at the spring
IMG 0404
We head back down the mountain towards Wolf Gap
IMG 0406
Kathy enjoys the view...
IMG 0408
... looking into West Virginia
IMG 0409
We catch a glimpse of the Big Schloss summit, which we elected not to climb
IMG 0410
This trail along the ridge offered great views to both the right (Virginia) and left (West Virginia)
IMG 0412
A local inhabitant bids farewell